Friday, March 07, 2008

State of Compassion Fatigue

I'm just running around all my blogs just having a look at whats going on, tidying up anything and revising what I'm doing.

People get caught up in blogs as a business tool, a networking and social tool, and a search optimizer but they forget the timeless value of just simply using a journal to get your thoughts down and reflect on where you’re at.

Compassion fatigue was my original “other general stuff” blog,First on Blogger back in the day, then I added a blog on wordpress as well, then I started just piling on all the promo articles I was doing and it all got fairly pointless pretty swiftly as these posts are all well covered by my promotions blogs:Well yeah lets just have that blogroll again shall we?


covering music promotion and digital marketing stuff. These are my professional blogs I update most regularly
My Music

This is where you can follow stuff to do with tunes, drum’n bass, beats, gigs in Auckland other stuff.

This is my crazy multi media project. I don’t really know whats going on with it right now but hey.
Other music

General mp3 blog. No posts yet.

Starf is for general copy I produce, especially “advertorial” type content for clients. No posts yet

Other stuff.

I also blog about girls because its of interest to me. It’s an interesting topic.

For my pirate stuff. I’m planning on getting back into childrens entertainment.

for my fiction and general creative writing. No posts yet.

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