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Taupo, Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand Holiday Luxury Rental Accommodation

f you’re planning a visit to the Waikato - especially Taupo or Cambridge, and you’re looking for more information on your holiday or possible luxury accommodation spots, read on!


Taupo is a town on the shore of Lake Taupo in the middle of New Zealand’s North
Island within the southern Waikato region. Taupo has a population of about 22,000.
Taupo is situated at the Waikato river outlet of Lake Taupo which is New Zealand’s
largest lake. The river flows over one of the most stunning waterfalls in New
Zealand, the Huka Falls, which can be viewed just a short distance north of
the town.

Taupo is also a centre of volcanic and geothermal activity. There are Hot springs
suitable for bathing located at several places in the Taupo area, while the
volcanic mountain Tauhara lies 6 kilometres (4 mi) to the east.

Taupo is pronounced toe-paw in Maori, the language of New Zealand’s original
pacific inhabitants.The name Taupo comes from Maori Taupo-nui-a-Tia, which literally
translated, means “The great cloak of Tia” as Tia in legend, was the
name of the lake’s discoverer.

Taupo is a tourist centre, particularly in the summer, as it offers panoramic
views over the lake and to the volcanic mountains of Tongariro National Park
to the south.

Since the mid-1990s Taupo has become increasingly popular as a venue for major
sporting events, increasingly of an international nature. The town’s compact
size, clean environment, central location and supportive council and community
have been cited as the reasons for this. Major events in Taupo include A1 Grand
Prix,World Water Ski Racing Championships, Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Great
Lake Relay, Levene Half Marathon and the Maxxis FIM International Six Day Enduro.

Taupo is Home of NZ Motorsport, and adventure activities include gliding, sky
diving tandem, rafting, bungy jumping, kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking,
sailing, jet boating, 4-wheel driving (off-road), snow boarding or skiing, rope
assault course, rock climbing, parasailing, water skiing, horseback riding,
just to name but a few! Airbourne tours include fixed wing plane, float plane,
helicopter or balloon over the Lake Taupo region and surrounding volcanoes,
including the Tongariro National Park. While walking tracks, golf, hot springs,
spas and attractions such as prawn park and the geothermal areas provide plenty
to see and do on foot.

If you enjoy tramping, kayaking, golfing, shopping, eating, sleeping, reading,
fishing, hunting or sightseeing then Taupo is a place you must visit. Make Taupo
your accommodation base and stay a while - Taupo is not a pass through town
and you’re sure to fall in love with Lake Taupo and Taupo’s Central Plateau

110 Lake Tce. Apartment is an outstanding lakefront apartment, with panoramic
views of Lake Taupo and the volcanic plateau beyond. Whether you’re looking
for holiday homeliness or luxury apartment accommodation during your stay in Taupo, take a look at the110
Lake Terrace Luxury Taupo Apartment.
You’re assured the welcome of your own private space during your Taupo, New Zealand
holiday stay
. This is a modern, luxurious apartment comprising a super-king
suite, walk-in wardrobe, full en suite; separate queen and twin bedrooms; a
second bathroom; gourmet kitchen and alfresco dining. Every convenience is provided
including connections for high speed internet, fax and phone, the décor
features contemporary New Zealand art and other features include front and back
sun decks, central and under floor heating, a laundry, 3 car parks and shared
swimming pool and gym facilities. Guests hort or long-term guests are always

The apartment décor also features contemporary New Zealand art and all
important high speed internet, fax and phone for those in business or otherwise
who need to stay connected. 110 Lake Terrace is a haven for all seasons, other
features include front and back sun decks, central and under floor heating,
a laundry, 3 car parks and shared swimming pool and gym facilities. This luxury
apartments’ array of design features create a modern ‘global’ combination of
comfort, style and apartment accommodation luxury. With timeless elegance, the
interior style demonstrates an exceptional panache and flair, you’ll feel at
home in the lap of luxury at the 110 Lake Terrace apartment..


Cambridge is a town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand.
Situated 24 kilometres southeast of Hamilton, on the banks of the Waikato River,
Cambridge is known as “The Town of Trees”. The town is now renowned
for its thoroughbred horse stables, many which have produced champion horses
in racing and showjumping sports.

Notable natives of Cambridge include members of The Datsuns and equestrian double
Olympic gold medal winner Mark Todd. Lake Karapiro, location of the 2010 world
championships near Cambridge is recognised as one of rowings premium lakes by
world standard, producing several world rowing champions and Olympic gold medalists,
notably Rob Waddell, and the Evers-Swindell twins, Georgina and Caroline. World
Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist cyclist Sarah Ulmer also lives and trains
in Cambridge, making Cambridge worthy of its new name “Town of Trees AND

While visiting Waikato or Cambridge, NZ there are many holiday attractions to
experience. Other items of interest within Cambridge, New Zealand, include the
New Zealand Horse Magic show, farm tours, or browsing art, craft and antique
shops. See New Zealand’s largest collection of dolls, toys and teddy bears at
The Castle or the Kiwi House and aviary in Otorohanga, a location where the
kiwi is bred in captivity.

If you’re on Holiday and you’re passing through Cambridge New Zealand and you’re
looking for luxury holiday
, the holiday retreat at Chestnut Glade Pavilions is a must
see for Cambridge accommodation
. Chestnut Glade is a spectacular countryside retreat, with outstanding
grounds on a tranquil sport horse farm. Chestnut Glade Pavilion offers a luxury
self contained rental accommodation retreat situated on 9 hectares of sport
horse parklands. Relax in luxurious lodgings with expansive views across the
local farm area, to bush and hills beyond - yet only minutes from the centre
of the charming town of Cambridge.

Chestnut Glade offers luxury self-contained accommodation on parklands at a level of sophistication unmatched in Cambridge. A home for the Cambridge Holiday experience or a special event
- there are few choices for Cambridge rental accommodation when you visit New Zealand that offer something special such as the Chestnut Glade Pavilion - a luxurious rental holiday experience
at Chestnut Glade, Hannon Rd in Cambriddge.

Chestnut Glade is a modern, luxurious
self contained holiday rental home in Cambridge
which comprises one pavilion
area containing open plan kitchen, dining and living spaces with separate family
/ TV room with bar and coffee making facilities. There’s a separate upstairs
master bedroom opening onto sun deck, and en suite, a total of 1 x queen bedroom
and 1 x bedroom with two king single beds. With timeless elegance, the interior
style demonstrates an exceptional panache and flair, you’ll feel at home in
the lap of luxury at the Chestnut Glade Pavilion.

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CD and DVD duplication and printing Auckland New Zealand

CD and DVD duplication and printing in Auckland and New Zealand

You absolutely shouldn't waste your time reading this. What follows is SEO drone (SEO stans for search engine optimisation, the art of ranking highest for Google and other search engines. Google is the search engine used in 92% of New Zealand based searches.)

Why is this important? 72% of ALL visitors to come through search engines.

So these are the types of articles dudes in India write for businesses which have no purpose – because, seriously who would read this? - except to tell google that the site that this article and the links in it are important for search terms to do with CD and DVD duplication because . . .

You'll notice in the way its written, it just keeps hammering those keyword phrases again and again.

That's why when I'm writing about Auckland new Zealand based drum and bass and downbeat artist romantech I will go on about how he is a drum and bass DJ and drum and bass producer of drum and bass songs and provides free drum and bass mp3's so you can download free drum and bass mixes from his site.

you get me?

just make sure you get your code right for when you're commenting , blogging, etc.

Not just the name of your band goes here in the "anchor text", but important search keyword terms - genre, location, even bands that sound like you!!!

cd dvd duplication and printing auckland new zealand

Worried about the deadline for pressing CDs that you need to give away at the upcoming trade show or training seminar? Well, you need not loose sleep over it, for you can utilize the services of a company that specialize in bulk CD and DVD production. Please ask for that assistance from one of these renowned CD manufacturing companies in New Zealand that have been forerunners in the business:

cd dvd duplication and printing auckland new zealand

Kurb cd dvd duplication

The company has a vast experience in DVD and CD manufacturing and the methods adopted are – CD and DVD duplication. CD duplication or burning means making copies of CDs. This method is only used when you need less than 1000 copies.

By using the method of bulk CD duplication, you can save a lot of money and at the same time get CDs that look like the original. You can get all kinds of CDs replicated – be it music CDs, data CDs or movies. You can also go for CD replication along with different packaging combos /options available at DVD Replication's website, to save additional costs.

Everyone enjoys listening to music, which is why music CDs are the perfect companion for almost any occasion or event. Many musicians are now becoming their own records companies and doing their own CD and DVD retail and distribution. Independent distribution of music CDs is now commonplace in the market as the cost of CD replication technology has fallen dramatically since the turn of the century. It is now the case that you can get studio quality copies of your music CD by getting them duplicated at local vendors and market them on your tours and your venues and concerts.

The duplication process can complete studio quality cds and DVD in a relatively short The quality of the CDs created by CD and DVD are world class and also very cost effective, due to which this process is being adopted very successfully by the music industry now.

For getting professional quality music CD replication, you can simply log on to Kurb cd dvd duplication and get quote your bulk CD ad DVD duplication project from one of New Zealand's leading media companies that offers specialised CD and DVD duplication services. In addition, you can also get a huge range of cover printing and packaging options.

CD Roms or Compact Disc Read Only Memory-type of optical disks are the most commonly used medium for storing large quantities of data. You can get these CD Roms manufactured in bulk by using the method of CD duplication. This is the most cost effective and quickest method of getting copies of any kind of CDs - be it music CDs, data CDs, movie CDs or any other form of CDs.

The method of CD duplication is adopted when the quantity of CDs are in the range of 1000 or less. The advantage of this process is that it can be completely automated by using a robotic arm with a duplicating tower. As each disc is burned the robotic arm will remove it and replace the disc with another blank disc to repeat the burning process again. In this way, you can get these CDs duplicated in a very short period of time. However, if you need more than 1000 copies of CDs, you should go for the process called CD replication.

To get worldclass cd replication,n which is a better quality process that CD Rom duplication services, log on to Kurb cd dvd duplication. We will be happy to quote for you project. Offering excellent service, quick turnaround time and door to door delivery for all purchases.

The advance in technology has give rise to a new method of pressing CDs and DVDs in bulk. This method is called CD and DVD duplication. In this method, you can create replicas of the original disc. The artwork will be printed directly onto the disc surface just like you find in retail stores.

There are many advantages of using this method. CD and DVD duplication saves a lot of money that can be channeled for other purposes.

With so many advantages offered by DVD and CD duplication, you can do away with all your worries and concerns and go for media duplication services. For more details in CD duplication and to order your set of bulk DVDs, please visit Kurb cd dvd duplication

Over the past few years, the way we store data has changed significantly. Floppy disks and video cassettes are virtually obsolete. Now, with state of art technology, we have entered into the age of the DVD (Digital Video Disk). DVD's can store large amounts of data in comparison to regular CD/VCD, as you can store anything from 4.7GB (DVD 5) up to 17GB. As an optical storage facility, it is superior for its resolution quality and amazing storage capacity.

At Kurb cd dvd duplication we provide the best facilities for the production of customised DVDs that can be duplicated in bulk. we provide DVD printing, duplication and packaging solutions with expertise and professionalism, you can market your products and services in a novel and innovative way, which is sure to capture the attention of potential customers.

At Kurb cd dvd duplication our DVD s can be useful in making business presentations and showcasing multimedia utilities. CDs and DVDs can also be used to carry resumes. Because they are portable and can be customised according to your needs, our mini DVD's are great value for money. For more information about our DVD business card, DVD replicated services and DVDs, visit us at Kurb cd dvd duplication

The DVD is a relatively new storage method which lets you store 14 times more data than on a CD-ROM - from 4.7 to 17 gigabytes. DVD's can be replicated with data on one or both sides and a dual DVD can also be produced to increase the amount of data you can save on one disk. Today, the use of the DVD has become widespread as people have come to prefer them as a media storage device. For commercial DVD production, duplicating or copying a DVD can be a tedious task. Therefore, it is better to appoint a commercial CD/DVD manufacturer to meet bulk duplication requirements.

Commercial DVD production will deliver a professional and innovative marketing tool in the format of a DVD business card. The DVD is perfect for sales catalogues, presentations, training, multimedia content and resumes. The Mini DVD is also a smart option for commercial DVD production. The Mini DVD is an 80mm diameter disk, with a capacity for holding 120 minutes of footage.

There are various types of DVD's. DVD 9 is a marketing term for Dual Layer DVDR-R and DVD+R. DVD 5 is a one-sided, single layer disk on which data of up to 4.7 gigabytes can be stored.

The DVD is a relatively new storage method which lets you store 14 times more data than on a CD-ROM - from 4.7 to 17 gigabytes. Your DVD can be replicated with data on one or on both sides. offers one of the best DVD/CD replication facilities. We offer fast, efficient CD and DVD replication services to customers world-wide.

For more information about CD manufacturing, DVD replication, Bulk CD replication log on to Kurb cd dvd duplication For all your bulk DVD replication requirements, our company offers great value, expertise and professionalism both locally and internationally. We produce DVD's and CD's of exceptional quality at very affordable prices. Our expertise and professionalism is second to none. Something else - we offer 100% customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering excellence of product and service..

DVD is the new generation of optical disc storage technology. DVD stands for Digital video disc. DVD is essentially a bigger, faster CD that can hold cinema-like video, still photos, better-than-CD audio, and computer data.

DVD has replaced laserdisc, is well on the way to replacing videotape and video game cartridges, and could eventually replace audio CD and CD-ROM. It aims to include home entertainment, computers, and business information.

DVD has widespread support from all major electronics companies, all major computer hardware companies, and all major movie and music studios. With this unprecedented support, DVD became the most successful consumer electronics product of all time in less than three years of its introduction.

To find out more about what DVD is please visit Kurb cd dvd duplication

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Music and Client links

Kinda boring, I know, but hey. Even if im posting blogs about CD and DVD duplication, printing or reproduction projects, or Kids Pirate birthday childrens entertainment parties or just pushing my clients

Kanarek - Psychedelic Fusion; Hollywood/Toronto

Golpe Con Classe - Hip Hop/Latin; Spain

Cut The Bull PR - Publicity and Artist Representation, Hollywood

Al Walser - Pop/R&B; California/Liechtenstien

Phoenix Block - New Wave/Electropop; Florida

Ganga - Chill Out/Downbeat; Denmark

Now . . . You Die! Metal / Crust Punk; Melbourne, Australia

Koshowko- Electro Pop; Melbourne, Australia

Auckland Painting - Residential and Commercial painters; Auckland, New Zealand

The Embassadors - Jazz; International collective

DJ TKD - Hip Hop; New Zealand

Element - Hip Hop; New Zealand

Azumuth - Rock; Melbourne, Australia

Roger Greenaway - A/C; Wellington, New Zealand

Murrays Chosen Few - Classic Rock; Australia

Romantech - Drum'n Bass/Downbeat; Auckland, New Zealand (me)

. . . you'll be able to observe how I use links and keyword anchor text to create content that attracts traffic.


Kurb is a New Zealand based media promotions company providing a regular blog on digital promotion, marketing digital content and creating revenue from new media online.

Kurb also provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally.CD / DVD duplication and poster services. Our physical media services come with free graphic set up and support, free delivery, and free promotions advice and support for musicians.

And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including -

We provide expert and affordable promotion support in all web 2.0 areas: Cutting edge Social Network promotion (Myspace, Facebook, Bebo etc.), Social Media, Blogging, Spam management, Content creation, Content management, Content Distribution, OMD, RSS, Aggregators, podcasts, Search ranking, Search marketing and PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook, Website design, Website monetization, Video production + promotion,

We also have an extensive self promotion area for independent musician and talent featuring dozens of articles, how to features and blog links.

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Kurb link building strategies for musicians



Links as I say pretty often, is the main way you get your website ranking nice and highly on google -

Google's not just the biggest search engine and genrator of advertising revenue in the world.

so spreading your links around not only gets people interested in clicking those links but more importantly, help to tell google how special you are in your area of talents.

There are now - thanks to web 2.0 - HEAPS of places you can leave links. Blogs, Social Networks, Forums, and all your profiles most obviously.

That's mainly why I joined Seth Godin's site after checking out some tips from a pdf sent to be by a chillout and downtempo artist I'm working with, Ganga from Denmark.

Because Squidoo, not REALLY that remarkable for being a cross between a blogsite and a wiki (you might want to think about knowing the difference if you don't) rather, "gives good google juice".

Links back from squidoo, which anyone can create, help rank your site.

I'm thinking that I should probably stop giving out advice without explaining why google ranking is so important, but I dont have time to blog all day. But when you use wordpress like I am now its easy just to type out the links and create a live link like this:

Now doing this and creating a live link in Rich Text, can be cut and pasted as is, even into a non rich text html field and when its published regardless of whether its live or not people can still cut and paste the link, though obviously this is nowhere near as good as a live link but basically - this way you can keep your little "link family" of all your important links on hand in one place to simply cut and paste whenever you need them.

Myspace is a typical example of a site that has rich text html, normal html, and no html areas so just typing out the URL in rich text as I have done below covers you for all possibilities.

But also in wordpress and other blogging platforms, you can create rich text with live links and then just swap them over to copy and paste the html code, so you can post your links into normal html fields to create links as well and to be honest, that covers alot of the best opportunities on myspace and blogs, forums etc. so you can plop down links basically anywhere you a writing in a box and publishing it to the net, you should be leaving a link!!! And having all these links everywhere just reinforces the message to the those little baby google spiders . . .



Okay just some extra morsels on SEO and link building.

Please bare in mind what I’m talking about here is known as “whitehat SEO” that means your not doing anything wrong but if you know anything about what I do and know you’ll probably be aware I’ve got tricks up my sleeve which are just naughty and plain not fair – but that’s not something I discuss “freely” haha – at least not yet!

But what I’m doing now is making up word documents with my different link family set ups.

For example I want to be able to choose to leave just a few of my most important links on a blog or a myspace comment and I also want the choice between the rich html/non html URLs and the normal html.

But if I’m creating or posting a blog or a bulletin or developing a new profile, or a squidoo lense I’ll want the full roll call of all my links, kurb links, my personal artist links, client links - the works.

Now one of the reasons I’ve been down in the dumps a little is because the myspace madness continues, and it’s been a BUMPY ride.

Myspace used to have some MASSIVE loopholes for exploiting links and google but for the last year you can’t go 5 minutes without myspace changing the rules. Now their intentions are noble – to stop the spammers - although the damage was done a year ago and those guys have taken their money and gone. To be honest myspace is taking it to a level at which the site is becoming increasingly restrictive to use for even muso’s and punters – who are suffering with annoying hassles after the spammers have cleared out.

As if the captcha code’s weren’t enough they’ve now developed their “msplinks” system so you can’t leave myspace through a link directly without myspace interfering with a warning screen.

It’s weird. Blogs are fine but profiles and bulletins . . . not so much. This is a real drag - especially as some of my links have been shut down because myspace have decided they are spam links to some unsavoury site. I’ve worked out how to get around it already, but its still a big DRAG!!!! I’ve lost about 20% of my website traffic that used to come to my site through myspace alone.

So here’s my short link list in rich html, in URL form so it can be cut and pasted in non html also.

Here’s the same list in Html

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a></span>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

But given in html I can use keywords and phrases to lure both google and punters, that’s what I’ll do! SO instead in normal html fields, which include most comment boxes and all bullitens on myspace, I’ll aim for this:

Kurb Promotions Website
Kurb Myspace
Kurb Promo on Youtube
Official Kurb Blog - click through to subscribe
Kurb - Auckland and NZ's best value CD and DVD duplication - no set up costs, free delivery.
Check out our digital coaching - online promotion and income generating packages for artists
Drum'n Bass DJ Romantech
Electroclash Media Group Reality Compound

Which in html code will look like this:

<a href="">Kurb Promotions Website </a>

<a href="">Kurb Myspace</a>

<a href="">Kurb Promo on Youtube</a>

<a href="">Official Kurb Blog - click through to subscribe</a>

<a href="">Kurb - Auckland and NZ's best value CD and DVD duplication - no set up costs, free delivery.</a>

<a href="">Check out our digital coaching - online promotion and income generating packages for artists</a>

<a href="">Drum'n Bass DJ Romantech</a>

<a href="">Electroclash Media Group Reality Compound</a>

And finally: all the links in rich html. -

How I approach a new client at Kurb (Dec 07)
Kurb - Auckland and NZ's best value CD and DVD duplication - no set up costs, free delivery.
Check out our digital coaching - online promotion and income generating packages for artists
Info on digital Video marketing - and production services available in Auckland
More promotions articles features and info for artists
Cheap posters - placement in AUckland or Free delivery in NZ

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Marcus Aurelius Ceasar

Not EVERYONE who was an emperor of the Roman empire ran around fucking horses and what not.

Marcus Aurelius was the nice old bloke in "Gladiator".

The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
- Marcus Aurelius

The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.
- Marcus Aurelius

The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
- Marcus Aurelius

The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer.
- Marcus Aurelius

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
- Marcus Aurelius

To the wise, life is a problem; to the fool, a solution.
- Marcus Aurelius

Tomorrow is nothing, today is too late; the good lived yesterday.
- Marcus Aurelius

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.
- Marcus Aurelius

We ought to do good to others as simply as a horse runs, or a bee makes honey, or a vine bears grapes season after season without thinking of the grapes it has borne.
- Marcus Aurelius

Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time.
- Marcus Aurelius

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
- Marcus Aurelius

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
- Marcus Aurelius

Friday, March 07, 2008

In fact I definately should

I actually got a PR3 just because this blog is like three years old.

I'm gonna have to come up with something.

Direction for Compassion fatigue

I don't know what I'm going to do with this blog put I'm not going to be posting any more promotions articles you can check that out at:

I'm sure I'll come up with something for compassion fatigue. Reinvent it as some kind of platform for something.

Let's wait and see.

State of Compassion Fatigue

I'm just running around all my blogs just having a look at whats going on, tidying up anything and revising what I'm doing.

People get caught up in blogs as a business tool, a networking and social tool, and a search optimizer but they forget the timeless value of just simply using a journal to get your thoughts down and reflect on where you’re at.

Compassion fatigue was my original “other general stuff” blog,First on Blogger back in the day, then I added a blog on wordpress as well, then I started just piling on all the promo articles I was doing and it all got fairly pointless pretty swiftly as these posts are all well covered by my promotions blogs:Well yeah lets just have that blogroll again shall we?


covering music promotion and digital marketing stuff. These are my professional blogs I update most regularly
My Music

This is where you can follow stuff to do with tunes, drum’n bass, beats, gigs in Auckland other stuff.

This is my crazy multi media project. I don’t really know whats going on with it right now but hey.
Other music

General mp3 blog. No posts yet.

Starf is for general copy I produce, especially “advertorial” type content for clients. No posts yet

Other stuff.

I also blog about girls because its of interest to me. It’s an interesting topic.

For my pirate stuff. I’m planning on getting back into childrens entertainment.

for my fiction and general creative writing. No posts yet.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Facebook doesn't grab me but I'm grabbing it


More coming up on Googles new open social that should fix everything. I mean . . . well . . .

Social networks on the move: Facebook doesn’t grab me but I’m grabbing it

I don’t like Facebook! It doesn’t do much for me! Silly little stupid boxes everywhere and constantly updating streams of information every time someone on my friends list scratches their arse!

People I barely know off my address book are cyber “hugging” me with their crazy apps and widgets (these are little like mini websites embedded within a website page which are massive component for web 2.0 and distributing content) and “challenging me to an arm wrestle” or “buying me a drink”.

It’s bizarre. What does it mean? I came to network!

I came to represent what I have to offer! I came to reap the kudos of electro shocking music promotion techniques in New Zealand into the 21st century! I don’t want to exchange cutesy little trivialities, just read my damn blog feed – and where am I to pimp my big ass backlinks back to my blog and back to the kurb home site, where I’ve got you where I want you? I’ve got to say myspace is much better for marketing and branding. Facebook’s great if you want to mess around with your mates. But I don’t know about breaking new bands.

Oh I know what you’re thinking, I’m just put out because everyone’s leaving myspace and I can’t get them with my spam. Well just you shush up and don’t worry about that. I got all the spam I need – it just takes time to perfect the recipe and this one’s going to take an extra spoonful of my patented innocuous enthusiasm infused with mass produced sincerity too work the touchy feely environment of Facebook. And Bebo is much the same, but with much a much larger teen focus.

On Bebo the concept of a “band page” is more like a myspace group while Facebook you can’t even have a weird sounding name! To me, unless there’s a change in direction, it is even more of a call to develop your secondary content (video, blog, alternative audio content that you can still promote on facebook) as a strong brand for your band’s identity because on facebook . . . your band isn’t allowed an identity!

THAT of course could all be about to change with Facebook music rumours now flying all over the place.


This from Co-Ed magazine:

Here’s how it works:
Major and independent label artists and will register their sub-domain name through Facebook. Like “” for example.
On this page Facebook users will be allowed to become “fans” of the artist and connect to the media hosted on the “artist page.”
In the first generation of Facebook Music “fans” will be allowed to listen to artist’s music, watch videos, upload pictures, add music to their page, receive tour information and interact with other fans. Online music moguls, be warned.
Future generations will come quickly and allow unprecedented targeted marketing, ad buys and media promotion. Facebook is developing artist specific sales widgets to allow for music sales through the site as well.

Of course there is an important reason I’m bringing up these new socials which relates to a common theme recently – go where the people are, carve your fanbase out of the traffic.

% of web traffic in NZ October 2007-10-25

1 – Google – 7.13%
2 – Trademe – 3.92%
4 – Bebo - 2.06%
8 – Facebook – 1.11%
9 – Youtube – 1.08%
20 – Myspace - .49%

You feeling me? Myspace is done. I hope you didn’t put too much effort like some.

Go where the people are. The kiddies are going to Bebo, and the grown ups are going to Facebook.

And of course, Kurb is offering all the tools to give you the edge. Seeya there.

Cheers for the connection with Kurb.

We’re supporting musicians with successful promotion strategies for a budget. Come by our page, theres plenty to pick up about new developments in the music industry in our blogs and theres a whole lot of free info and articles at our self promotions hub. Get some scope checking out our overview of online promotion strategies and if you’re interested our artist packages or brand new campaign packages including CD’s, posters and a dedicated online distribution, promotion and videomarketing program.

All the best with your music, from Kurb
For direct enquiries get us on gmail as kurbpromo

Monday, October 15, 2007

Music videos go online - end of music TV era - MUST READ

Awesome article dropping down on the state of music videos as a promotional tool and source of revenue to the music industry.

- Don't forget now! Kurb is australasia's leader in dedicated techniques to market and distribute your videos online through Youtube and potential revenue generators such as megavideo, revver and over 15 other video sharing sites.

The economic model that MTV was built on has been shredded - big budget one off videos are out - the digital revolution is upon us! You have the power to cut an album and make a video in your own bedroom and distribute it worldwide!

So don't make one song, one video, keep making songs, keep uploading videos, film gigs, film band practices, make vblogs, make funny shorts, talk about your music, blog about your music, build your following, interact, be an entertainer, create meaning, connect with them and connect them to your music!

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This new article drops after Bob Lefsetz and other cutting edge media critics denounce the MTV awards and Top 40 becoming just a circus sideshow to what's really happening in the music industry today - as witnessed by the brutal cannibalising of one of it's own, Ms. Britney Spears.

This from indystar:

Consumers Bop to Rhythm of Online Music Videos

[who came up with that clanger of a headline for such a decent article? Don't they know that blogging is 50% headline and 50% content???]

Viewership of music videos moved from TV to the Web at such a fast pace that few saw it coming.

Yahoo, the Web's top music destination, streams 240 million music videos monthly. MTV, which defined the young music video medium but now devotes nearly all of its airtime to non-music video fare, attracted 1 million viewers in prime-time viewing in August.

"Online is the single-largest place where consumers are watching music videos," says Rio Caraeff, executive vice president of eLabs, Universal Music Group's digital division. "When we release a video, we still put it on MTV and BET, but in terms of the most impact from audience and revenue, it's online."

Videos used to be given to networks such as MTV to sell CDs. Now, labels charge for video usage. "It was clear that all of our content needed to be paid for," says Thomas Hesse, president of Sony BMG Music Entertainment's global digital business unit. "The times when we could make our content available for free so someone would buy the CD are over. We drive usage to the Internet sites, so we should be paid."

Hesse wouldn't disclose exact figures, but Caraeff says licensing of music videos to sites such as Yahoo, AOL Music and YouTube reaps $20 million yearly for Universal and is growing steadily.

YouTube has been at odds with much of the entertainment industry because some of its users digitize content on their own and put it on the site without compensating the content owner. MTV owner Viacom is suing YouTube owner Google in a copyright infringement case.

But Universal, Sony BMG, Warner Music and EMI have agreements allowing their music videos to be shown on YouTube. In exchange, they share in ad revenue. YouTube attracts the largest video viewing - including movie trailers, amateur productions and tech podcasts - on the Web, with 44.8 million visitors in August.

With 23.4 million visitors in August, Yahoo is the most-visited music site, followed by ArtistDirect, MySpace's music channel, AOL Music and MTV's music channels, including, and CMT, according to ComScore.

This summer, Yahoo began offering an application to post many of its videos onto pages of the wildly popular social-network site, Facebook. It has since expanded this concept, via a test site, to post videos from Universal and Sony BMG onto personal Web sites or blogs.

Once word gets out and music fans realize that they can take the latest videos by say, Justin Timberlake or Fergie, and post them to their blog, Yahoo Music general manager Ian Rogers believes the viewing of videos online will grow "from 10 to 100 times over the next one to two years," he says. "There's no question people want to do this."

He says Yahoo fought for several years to shut down sites that offered ways to hack into Yahoo Music and post videos. "We know the demand is there."
Demand and convenience caused music fans to migrate to the Web to watch the majority of their music videos, says Rogers.

"If you want to see a music video, why would you turn on MTV and hope to see the video you want, when you could go online and get it immediately?" he says. "The shift happened as music videos became more available online and less available on TV. This was a natural evolution."

MTV, the channel that defined music videos, isn't sitting out the digital revolution. On-air, the TV channel urges viewers to go to to see the latest videos and video premieres. "We realize that we live in an on-demand culture," says MTV Executive Vice President Courtney Holt.

Holt says on-demand viewing is great, but it's TV exposure that still makes the difference for emerging bands. He cites groups such as OK Go and Paramore, which had major online exposure but took off after MTV started playing their videos.

MTV recently bought a 50 percent interest in digital music service Rhapsody to expand its online music reach. Both Rhapsody and show music videos on their sites, while some sites - most notably Apple's iTunes - offer them for sale. Caraeff says streaming music videos represents the bulk of the action for music videos and that downloads represent a tiny fraction of sales. Hesse says his best-selling download of all time - a recent Timberlake song - clocked in at just 58,000 sales for $1.99 apiece.
"This is a good, growing business," he says. "As more people get video iPods, we'll start to see more people buying music videos."

Label executives are also looking for streams and downloads to mobile phones - currently a niche business - to explode in the coming years as more wireless customers get multimedia phones.

"The average usage time on a phone for entertainment programming is no more than two or three minutes," says Caraeff. "The short-form nature of music videos makes it a perfect fit."

Q&A with Rio Caraeff

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham spoke with Caraeff about how music videos have shifted from TV distribution to the Web, and turned into a profit center.

Question: Is TV distribution for music videos still important?
Answer: Online is the single largest place where consumers are watching video. When we release a video, we still put it on MTV and BET, but in terms of the most impact from audience and revenue, it's online. We're reaching more people than we've ever reached before with our music, and have turned what was a promotional business into a revenue business, worth $20 million a year for us, and growing.

Q. Where are people viewing the music videos online?
A. YouTube and Yahoo Music are the lion's share, along with MySpace and AOL. In the last quarter, we had 265 million streams of our videos online, and that doesn't even include YouTube, which is just starting to report activity. We have a Universal channel on YouTube, and the last time I looked, we had 180 million streams. YouTube is becoming the largest place for where our videos are played.

Q. Talk about how you make money off videos.
A. We were the first major label to realize that the old ways of doing business with music videos wasn't working anymore. Twenty years of videos as a promo piece wasn't stimulating sales of CDs. We had to turn videos into a premium product that feels free and convince Web sites to pay license fees for usage. Now every time the video is played, we get paid. We also offer them for sale at sites like iTunes, and via mobile phones and Verizon and Sprint. Both are flourishing, but the lion's share of activity is via streaming.

Q. Music videos used to boast of million-dollar budgets and big-name directors. What's the state of music videos today?
A. Clearly, the days of multimillion production budgets for videos has waned, but we've been able to do more with less. The budgets have come down, but the creativity has risen. With the challenge of doing more with a smaller budget, some of the best videos have come in with no budget, using Mac computers, high-def cameras and a small crew.
I even envision a world where music videos are created by the fan, and collaboration that exists in a digital, all-Internet world - the artist creates the song, and fans can go online, and make the videos. We're going to see a lot more creativity. It's no longer just about one big company publishing, it's a two-way communication. This is completely new to our industry and something we embrace.

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